Not upgraded to Windows 10? This latest shock news may prove why that’s a bad idea

The world has just been hit by one of the worst cyber attacks in history.WannaCry managed to infected millions of PCs across the globe and even brought some of the UK’s hospitals to their knees.The deadly virus, which was able to spread in hours, infected computers with malicious software which then blocked access to systems and files.Whoever was behind the bug then demanded that users pay a ransom to unlock their devices.Victims were even warned that their files would be destroyed within days if they did not pay up using Bitcoin, the world’s biggest virtual currency.

At first it was first thought that PC owners using Windows XP were most likely to be hit by the terrifying bug but new data has come to light which could disprove this.Cyber security firm, Kaspersky, has just released some new data which suggests that it was actually Windows 7 that was hit hardest by the attack.To make matters worse, Windows 7 still runs on around 45% of all machines making it a hugely popular operating system.Microsoft say that had released a patch for Windows 7 back in March but it seems many users hadn’t updated to the latest version.The US technology giant also says that its latest Windows 10 software is the only OS completely safe from WannaCry.

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